September 3, 2012

LamBAtells:Introspective LamBA


I am on the floor, I rub my eyes; look around; am in Femi’s apartment; I look beside me; someone is there; he stirs awake; shit! It’s me; I stagger back as I watch myself stand and start to walk backwards out of the room; the time is 8:23am.
Suddenly everything is spinning, am in the car with some dudes and the car is moving backwards on third Mainland Bridge; nobody notices that there’s two of me in the car; I don’t even notice me.

*Spin* Stop!

We are at a club; Movida I think; I’m holding a girl; the other me though; she’s wearing black; there’s a zip on it because the other me zips it up; I can barely hear myself; but am smiling and typing into her phone, I check; I had asked her what flavor her lipstick was; she had written blackberry; must be why I’m typing; the music is very loud; I start kissing her; wow! I kiss good though; she pulls away; I’m backing her; her friend is telling me something; then walks backwards into the toilet.
I’m walking backwards downstairs; there’s a big dude with a girl standing; I’m walking backwards and grabbing the babe’s bum;  
*Spin* Stop!

I and the girl, (not the one from upstairs) are laughing; she’s grabbing my crotch; we’re taking pictures; she walks backwards upstairs am following her or un following her…whichever it is


 I walk backwards into the V.I.P; I’m standing on the table with my friends; the song? I think it was Flo-rida’s club can’t handle me; I’m with some white dudes; we’re laughing; do I know these dudes? My other self seems to though


I’m sitting; the girl from downstairs is on my lap; she is laughing silly; Ah! Baba LamBA don dey juice; I’m saying gibberish; I suddenly stand, her hands are on my chest; oh! She must have pushed me; we both walk backwards out of the V.I.P

*Spin* Stop!
 we are standing  and she’s saying something; I can’t make it out; but its numbers and alphabets; I’m standing with Lloyd; the girl is in front of me; I’m looking at her.


  I and my friends are walking backwards out of the club; yes its Movida; I’m saying something to the bouncer in Yoruba; we’re in the car; it’s moving backwards; Stop! We’re at Vino Cantina. Dark poet is here smoking with Temisan; myself and Femi are giving him shouts; I’m hugging Lloyd.
We are at Pablo’s; I’m turning tables; I walk backwards to our table; run backwards into the car; the car is on third mainland; it raining; nobody still notices me.

*Spin* Stop! I’m……………..*Spin*

I’m standing outside Femi’s house, I check my watch: 10:45pm; we’re about to enter Lloyd’s car and I’m feeling like it would be a great night.

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