January 14, 2011

LamBAtells: An OPEN LeTTeR to YOU

Hey u,
Few minutes ago,ME was just chilling…the stretched legs, hands interlaced behind ME neck kind of chilling…then just like dat; u pop up in the picture and am like “why”?...a brawl takes place in my head…I try stopping the thought of U,…not becos of anything negative but my fear of the positives involved..I cant help but not to think about the shape of your eyes and your nose, the way you stare as if you see right through to ME……your ears ;u say they aren’t beautiful & I don’t blame u not knowing how imperfect the ears of others are….things like your silly little laugh or the way you smile …..u know what....looking back at the year 2010, the zenith of that year was d day WE met..#believethat………and for the records this dude here is still gonna be in luv witchu for a very longtym….....*now shouting* 'u knw u is my sweerie'....

Yours sincerely
You know who.

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