September 29, 2013


Being a minute I'av been on here. Started another personal blog as this isn't so personal mom and pops read it.
This was written by my friend Funeh Aliu, rearranged by me. I miss this dude, we connected on my levels; intellectually, love for photography, writing, women etc and basic trips of life.

#np EME all-stars - Change

If you can't achieve it don't condemn it. What do you think about that quote? I came up with it not because i believe it but because I have met a large number of Nigerians who seem to believe it and fashion their lives based on it.
They go to the extent of expecting others to conform to life in the same way. I think that statement or anything that sounds like it is nonsense on many levels!
Why would I be prevented from voicing out my opinion on issues simply because I can't do it myself? Haven't I seen others do things and do them well?

As far as I am concerned, that makes for grounds for me to tell you that yours isn't good enough!
I like to look at it from this simple point of view:
I eat out at some restaurant, the food Is rather spicy and generally tastes like an experiment but I have no right to say a word about the quality of the food since on my own I will be unable to cook the food nor do I own a restaurant. I may even be expected to praise the cook- after all I can't cook that well, right? Wrong! 

Or I hear this rather horrid song and I don't know which is more sore, my ears or the singer's voice e.g To*** D***. Oh because I cant even sing up a note I shouldn't say the song is BAD?
I have tasted food and I know how good food should taste (my mother's Efo or Doublewealth's noodles); I just tasted nonsense and I know the difference! I have listened to good music and I have a good sense of what an OK song should sound like.
Shouldn't that give me every right to break out the truth to them? The truth is bitter when you think the person critiquing is not worthy to do so.

Let's go further, is it wrong to criticize Arsene Wenger (of Arsenal football club) for poor coaching especially for not buying quality players and big names because I have never been a coach except in the 'football manager' game? Well I have seen many coaches including but not limited to José Mourinho make great football decisions from his FC Porto days down to Chelsea, charming the Italians winning two UEFA champions league titles among-st other titles in the process. And since his move to real Madrid, he has positively influenced their style of football. So, I believe I have the right to criticize 'based on' what other coaches are doing.

This brings me to one major factor I believe prevents Nigerian services from improving. Nigerians too dey manage!

We are hardly thorough on any issue. I think it stems from the fact that we are just too nice! I like the restaurant scenario alot so I'll use it again as an example. In a restaurant, I am served with a tumbler that has a chip at the top, on a table with bits from the last meal by the last customer. The average Nigerian won't/does not complain, instead he thinks to himself, "the chip on the glass doesn't affect the taste of my drink, it can't even leak from there neither will I be eating off the table so why bother, I'll manage it Jor"
If on the flip side he is the 'janded' type and thinks he has rights to sue and decides to voice his complaint/discomfort, the waiter will probably reply, "Oga Na because of this small tin you dey complain? Abeg help us manage am". Note the 'help us'!

That suggests that if you demand for a replacement of the glass or insist on the cleaning of the table you are not being helpful. Haba! Something wey you go use your Naira pay for.

This scenario can be played out in so many sectors of the Nigerian experience from accommodation, communication (let's not even go into this sector), healthcare (no bedspace inside, lie down on the bench for sometime) to daily purchases(Madam, Abeg manage the nylon, it's not that torn now) to school systems ( at least our students don't sit on the floor) all the way to government.

In summary, I am asking that we (I am guilty too) stop being 'helpful' so that the general services in Nigeria would be forced to improve and as such  government too. Be free to voice out and be quick to criticize things you observe are not up to standard or need improvement even if it isn't something you can do yourself as far as you have some knowledge as to what the right thing should be.

Did I commit any blunder in this article?


  1. First of all,NIGERIANS are Not the area of speaking abt somethin wrong done/said/given to u(pple),some complains/criticisms are not necessary.but nothin u have said is WRONG.

  2. First of all,NIGERIANS are Not the area of speaking abt somethin wrong done/said/given to u(pple),some complains/criticisms are not necessary.but nothin u have said is WRONG.


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