July 3, 2013


#NP Dewaves - Awon Eleyi

I was fresh out of Kings College; an all boys school. Attending a new school felt great. A mixed school at that.
I wasn't a 'bad guyz' per se but I had stopped laughing hysterically when I was around a girl. Don't know what was wrong with me that year...maybe Lloyd and Fishon can tell.
So there I was, the new chap with no least at that point in time. Fortunately, some dude that tried to beat me up in KC was at the same school. He just looked at me and said in awe; "H.O.T" - my initials (boldly inscribed on all my stuff back in KC). Another dude: we attended the same elementary school and he lived few blocks from my house was also at this school. His sister was the first to call me Tee-Y. I had a crush on her, maybe the feeling was mutual..
Anyway, new school... and a mixed one! I was undoubtedly ecstatic. After the assembly, newbies were fixed into their respective arms. I got the "B" arm. I walked into my class...what did I see? Girls...lots of girls...and I was like "huh?!" 'cause boys were holed up at the other end of the class and I was wondering "WTF?!!" These p****y niggas though!
Times later changed as I unconsciously encouraged the 'mix up' P....
Weeks in as the new chap, girls wanting to talk to me and shit, teachers thinking I was a bad boy especially the English teacher, Mr Oke.

Mr Oke in BankyW's yes/No video

Well, it wasn't entirely their fault. I always sagged my pants and talked smart whenever I got the chance to. One of such occurrences was during an English class...Mr Oke also enforced the "mix up" P too as he made us sit mixed as opposed to the boys on one half, girls on the other half arrangement we usually had.
That day we were discussing 'euphemism' as one of the figures of speech. This figure of speech deals with replacing an offensive or suggestive word/phrase with a rather harmless one e.g ''He is a thief'" would be replaced with ''He is light fingered."
Mr Oke then asked ''how would you say - she is a prostitute?"
Only days back I had read a joke which fitted nicely into this scenario. I raised my hand, he said "Yes? The new chap"
I answered "social engineer"
"Mmmmmhhh, why?" He asked
"Because she builds and damages erections!" I replied.
Everybody that understood the joke was in stitches and I was grinning ear to ear.
He looked at me, bemused then shook his head and asked me to report myself to the Guidance and Counselling department. Needless to say, I faked going there and came back to the class.
I was talked about for days as reported to me by my friend of that year, Eyitomi.

P.S I miss you Eyitomi.

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