July 18, 2013


I went in a rat and came out a lion. I was eating when I got the inspiration to chronicle my activities under the influence of kush.

So I got typing on my phone; I have left the text unedited, so that you can sorta be in my head...its not a story, its a compilation of my thoughts as they came into my head...I was thinking about 3 to 4 things at the same time.
I went from trying to explain what/how you feel to typing random thoughts.

I am currently under the influence of narcotics. It has been over thirty minutes I took the first puff which has now puffen my world.

While under, all your senses are heighten...touch,sense,smell,feel not sure about sight though
Your watch seems to be strangling your wrist, your slippers are choking your feet
I just lost focus...I sorta zoned out for a tad second
When I was eating
I'm licking my teeth...just a thought of how I would explain this(my writing, this writing)
Just zoned out again
I'm horngry
In the time of that thought...I have laid down, tried rolling and it. Felt like I was drowning
Now how do I know how drowning feels when I. Haven't almost drown or even know how to swim
The problem I have with weed is that you always wanna eat...I mean for a cheaper. Drug its expensive to maintain
This nigga beside me have no idea I'm on an higher level...this a smile in my face..more like a smirk
Just had flash in my head of a fit girl in black bikini with blue hearts on it....or was it blue bikini black hearts
The fit girl later transformed to an. Unfit babe
.I was gonna say skinny/slim girl to a fat girl but I got confused. With skinny and slim
Lemme try nd sleep..I continue after

Anyway I slept and woke up. Back to rat mode.

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