July 24, 2012


So its been months I have written anything, there has just been this no inspiration period and I feel like me ranting would just leave that period.

I have actually never come on here to rant, have always had Akinfolarin, Doublewealth and Ebun to rant to.
So am just gonna rant bout random things as they come to my head
Right now on my bus!there's this dude at my work that thinks his sexy...don't worry I can tell...from the way he talks to girls and does his eyes. He's actually a blob.
Am looking the worst have looked In years! Been breaking out for months prolly need to exfoliate more/cleanse
Trying look for my gold btw
There's another dude at work, my oga that's comes in my cubicle and says in the most yorubatic English ever 'shearman!' He never wants to see u just sitting down. Dude pisses me off plenty
Ah! There's this girl at work. All those curvy small sized girls. I like *interlude*  Switched up! We barely talk now. :(
The father and mother stay annoying me 81% of my time am at home
In btw all this, I had fun at the NEA nomination party shouts to Bayomi. Dear Cos, can I come to New York?
Then my life!! Boring!!!!!! That should be in caps with x84 in front. Spend my time with myself or with friends at home. Weekends sleeping and washing or calming down after the parents annoy me
Then my agroo gets more worse by the day/months. Stan Nwan knows about this
Being broke is such a norm for me now
Am thinking about my truck, where art tho
Then this 3MB that is about to be partly closed for 4months!! My God! When man pickin go dey wake or dey reach house
My love for D'banj had grown! Shudders kept on going through my body when I watched his hackney performance, I wonder how he feels
And there's me wanting to jog weekends and do some work out but I end working in the kitchen


its been four weeks i started writing all see that am in a shitty place write ordinary rant i no fit
In that time,I made a new friend, shes a doctor but she keeps saying she's a medical student, abeg what is the difference?
Saw weeks back *interlude*
Mr kpaduwa is back in Naija, saw him...breda don grow boobs sha....still an accent
shouts to Afilaka, Jebe, Clay, Bolu
what else? nothing...boring lifestyle
Doublewealth's groove was live too
supposed to write a piece for Coco of 360nobs but...........hopefully this night
Oh btw!

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