October 2, 2010


…..but this guy had a pistol, a locally mad pistol…you should have seen the size sef….next I heard the guy say one thing but I heard three things, ‘Kneel down/lie down/sit down’ am not still sure which one he said but I did d first one that registered in my head…kneel down……………………….

I guess Lloyd heard sit down…cos he too after seeing the gun sat down….need I say that I was the first to kneel down…lol…funny I looked around to check if it was real…I saw that L.A wanted to run…idiot, they would have beaten us senseless.
So we were asked to remove our watches and chains and phones and all our valuables….not been totally in shock I removed my watch and held it firmly in my left hand…while the guy checked my pockets and took everything except my card holder which he threw at me…I was very grateful cos in it I had my black card, Nigerian Express, MasterCard and other important cards…..(what’s funny)
L.A been sharp guy like me also kept his phone and watch while Lloyd sat on his money, finding nothing tangible with Lloyd he was dished one very hot slap….immediately I just scare say them go slap mi too,then I heard the guy with the gun cocking and cocking it at Pade as he was unwilling to release his precious blackberry.
Pade finally releases the phone and they start to go towards their car, I was about to laff and abuse all my friends….foolish weaklings….when all of a sudden they looked at our car/my friends car and came back at us asking for the owner of the car and the car keys…Lloyd comes forward and he is bundled into the car….all these time the girl was in the car watching the drama…Lloyd is bundled into the car and off they went…in the front of my waju oju mi….”Yepa!!!!!My guy from small, my guy from primary 4,we grew up together…wetin I go tell him mama..” Hands on my head, me and the remaining guys cross over while some unprintable something happened…lol (we get the joke, u don’t, u can’t)
L.A immediately calls his brother, who comes running to meet us….
So we lost the car, my friend and the babe and watches(their own sha, I still have mine),phones….*sigh* because of alcohol wey we wan go drink….

Actually, they dropped Lloyd and the girl a few meters away and they walked back to where we were…the girl I later found out had just come to Lagos for the first time…lol…what other way to give her a perfect ‘welcome to Lagos’ experience...*chuckle*
Its four weeks after and I haven’t touched alcohol talkless of seeing a bottle…
Did we report to the police, yes we did but that is another hilarious story all together…lol
#shoutout to everybody that was there dat night ‘L.A’, ’Fele’, ’Lloyd’,’ Pade’, and the girl whose name I never got to know…and everybody that tried to help….’Diadora’ wa gbayi…’Kunle’ props.

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