February 17, 2013

LamBAtells: My STD story

It was the spring of 2011, I had been away from uni for some months
I was back on campus for about 5 days to write some outstanding courses. On the third day or so, this tall model babe comes on campus too; to do her clearance.
Trust boys to start swooning...and trust me to just act indifferent thereby being different.
After much more we are at the lobby gisting and talking but there's this dude that is right there cockblocking. She delves into sex...starts chatting about some dude she screwed who moaned alot cos she 'brought it'. I'm amped already, but the muthafucking dude is right there trying to get some action.
Just as I was about to tarry and go away to my room...this Nigga left!!!!

She makes to go upstairs, I followed...we somehow end up still talking in the unlit part of the hallway
And after some talk here there...I make my move!
Kpakam!!! I kiss her...she kisses back
I pull more moves and I know I own her already...we there making out for a bit then move to the stairway
Unfortunately, we both didn't have rooms and were squatting with friends.
I ask her about her schedule for the next day and make mental notes.
Next day
We meet casually
But I was focused...turns out she has keys to her friends room and wants to get something..she mentions for me to come..that was my cue
It's mid afternoon so lotta people out in class so the building is alot one sees me go in
We are in!
Meanwhile the character I'm playing is 'the shy go-getter.

NOTE:never break character until u get what ye seek - (pg 22, ch3, LamBA manual)

I'm lying on the bed, she lying beside me talking about how she thinks I am intimidated by
we start kissing, clothes fly, things pulled, holes filled, unprintable things happened, Niggas cum, clothes are worn.
No one sees me leave.
Same day
I have keys to my mate's room, so she there...wearing these bum shorts and flimsy top...I see what she's doing
We start kissing, clothes fly.... *more unprintable things* she's a screamer that one.
Kept covering her mouth cos I didn't want the neighbors to know my really the person next door was this babe that had written me off as one of those badboys that needed deliverance.
Need I say she was back in the morning?

Weeks after, I'm itching real bad... dark spots appear allover my back and torso...I was happy nothing happened to the 'monster'. No sore no rash.
I just knew it was from her.


  1. Great. So models have STDs huh? I'm getting you.

  2. Print the "unprintable things"
    Cause some controversy!

  3. I wish u had a serious rash tho!dtl teach u not to dig ur pipe in just any hole,lmao.glad u survived #winks

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