January 31, 2012



These are the sort of posts that give away too much information. Oh well it’s my blog and you can hug a porcupine if you don’t like it. I’m sitting here, Waiting on my salary so I can pay for my new pants, I always imagined that the day I fall off a bike, I’ll lose a pair of pants at least. I prayed I’ll be wearing jeans and my least favorite shirt. I happened to not be wearing jeans on the day of the event. Faithful chick, she was with me even when I had no job and these broads said I wouldn’t amount to much. She’ll be missed.

Trainspotting , me and May stay looking for veins, in between quickies and make out sessions and stuff. We are young, wild and free. PDA, bright colors, bright ice cream and shorts and stuff. I stay blowing trees she stays blowing other stuff.
Well, May and I would exist If I was white and some senator did my bills and paid for my drugs. I stay trainspotting for outfits; Clothes that make me levitate and stuff. I don’t smoke, and my skin is too fresh to pierce. I show up in a good shirt at least, ‘cos I’m a principled person. Shawty said she doesn’t wanna put soap in her eyes; I try to make her see I want everything or nothing.

Everything or nothing, all brown brogues, anti – mediocrity, pink socks ‘cos I am above average. I fold my sleeves twice so you can get a good look at the watch, it’s better than yours and life is unfair. I am Trainspotting for clothes prominent enough to convey my feelings. He is Egocentric and unapologetically rebellious. On the flip side aren’t we all guilty of one evil trait or the other.

I took my heart off my sleeve so I don’t stain it, I’m sticking to the script and making amendments for all the times I erred . Brown brogues, brown monks, trainspotting, I keep chasing these highs; it’s what happens to us junkies. You wouldn’t know how this feels would you?

Its a wrap...Shawarmah.


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