January 16, 2012

LamBAtells:Thobes & Kimonos

My Interviewer asked me what I want; I looked the niqqa in the eye and I told him a lie. I couldn’t tell him I want to design marketing campaigns that would be significantly impressive , regardless of whatever scale they are measured with.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a scientist. There is a lot of ambiguity in the sentence ,as there are several kinds of scientists. However, it was a real desire, it wasn’t contaminated by society and lack of jobs and stuff.
We live in a place and in a time where ppl take whatever comes to them. We are almost incapable of choosing. Well, I’m no hero, and personally I don’t find those capes attractive.
I’m too selfish to try to save the world and stuff. I just don’t wanna walk around in a box. I wanna live free and express myself as much as possible. I don’t wanna have to wear pants all the time, I wanna wear linen shorts and slippers and stuff.
I’m too rebellious to take what comes to me, I might even show up in classic shell toes and ankle socks, and when they ask me, I’ll blame my feelings.
I didn’t ask for my wings, all I’m asking for is space to use them. I wanna wear kimonos a few times. And I wanna show up in an all white thob and a yellow rolex. And when they start to feel heavy, I’ll change into bape T’s and shorts and slippers.
I didn’t ask for the wings, All I want is space to use them. That’s what this is about; Space and ermm, fuel too. Like my boy always says, I need more options . I bet you do to, cos u keep dressing the same way all the time and stuff.

And its a wrap, foiled moi moi :|

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