September 9, 2011

LamBAtells:Love your Trouser as your Shirt

LamBAtells Via Tyllr

Ever been there when guys spot a chick with a giant rack? And a not so big back side, ever notice how all they do is gawk at her chest region and stuff? You will almost think she has no face or other body parts.
  This is the same way some niqqas ignore their trousers, they spend all their money on shirts and then they starch those mothafuckas like they are building an army or something. The result is an overstarched shirt hanging on a pair of eight hundred naira three quarter pants. This is sad, sad like an ugly chick trying to fake an accent.
   Anyways, all I’m saying is accord the same amount of attention you give your shirt to your pants. Really, why the prejudice? It’s almost understandable if your shirts are cheap in the first place. The same shops that sell these shirts also sell trousers too. At worst, try another shop, I personally recommend “Above and beyond” the pants there are fair enough, at least.

 Trousers are quite tricky, they have a way of giving you away, and they can fuck up your entire packaging. The color, the stripes, the shape the position of the pockets, it’s very easy for a trouser to cast sha .In my opinion, its best to keep them straight, all black and an inch below the ankle. This is the kind of trouser you can wear with anything. I do have a pair of blue trousers that are at least an inch above my ankle though. I keep them around ‘cos of sentiments and my present wardrobe failure. You shouldn’t do the same sha , lol.
In conclusion; the next time you think about buying a shirt, at least think about buying a pair of decent trousers too.

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