September 7, 2011

LamBAtells:Alexander McQueen things

LamBAtells Via Tyllr

First if all, I would like to take a moment or two, to pay respect to my shirt, she died at the hands of my laundry man. Prior to her murder, she stood by me through thick and thin, in club and in class, in smoke and in water. May her soul rest in Peace  :|    amen.
Today’s post is different, I barely know where to categorize it, and well what’s   a blog if you can’t do whatever you want on it. Besides with what these blog niqqas have been up to these days, I dare say this is conservative.
I walk around in that purple blazer, …who gon stop me? .  I ‘m serving blue label; Collectors Item whiskey.  Champagne for breakfast, Patron for dinner. I don’t sleep, except the sun is up. I flood my free wrist with beads and bracelets. I’m trying so hard to express my self. I’m a walking painting, Van Gogh things.
I go to bed in five hundred dollar Tees, the ones with giant skulls on them (No Edhardy  tho). Last night I was with my other  other chick, she’s super model fresh, we were roof top chilling , patron sipping. You would think we just got off a space ship, fresh off mars. I’m with my other broad now and her Head is a monster, #gofigure.

Alexander McQueen things. All these broads wanna do is shop, all I do is hand them the African American express card. I show up at these press conferences in silver suits and purple pocket squares. Everyday is a work day and every night is a video shoot. We are shooting movies in these clubs, too much patron, too much champagne. Money cant buy happiness abi  love, I cant quite recall what they say. It can buy royalty sha. These velvet slippers have me feeling like William,..finna put “HRH ” before my name or something.
New watch alert every time, in my opinion it’s no big deal. The Times keep changing, it’s only right to keep up. Plenty jewelry, they don’t even match my outfits; I just find some part of my body to hang them. I don’t call people except its money; I don’t pick calls except I feel like. No friends, just drinking associates.
I take a look in the mirror and I see a hazard to society, you would think I have a sober reflection, you know one of those moments  were you start to wonder where you crossed the line and shit, why you turned out this way and stuff. Well I don’t, I look passed my reflection and onto the image of miss universe in my giant gold framed mirror, she’s in Victoria’s secret things, I smile and head towards her , if you were me , you’ll be smiling to  , any minute now we shall be having champagne in bed, fuck breakfast.

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