June 7, 2011

LamBAtells:10 gifts that will mean a lot to most male people

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 I don’t usually post stuff during the week, but I’m bored and I’m trying to get you to love my blog. Anyway I thought about how the girls always get the gifts and how they always assume that the only way to our hearts is through their bodies and stuff. I came up with a few things, few things I’m sure most men will like.

 ·         Every male person likes a good watch and even if they don’t, they can show it to their friends and brag about it. I got a fossil once, I haven’t seen any other person with that kind yet and it meant a lot to me. Get him a watch, don’t get him a fake “Emperio Armani” (I’ve seen this), don’t get a man a swatch; swatches are for boys (Yes I said this).
 ·          Lets assume you cant find or afford  a good watch, invest that money in a good wallet, every man likes a good wallet, most of us are just not prepared to pay for one.(the term “good wallet” here implies something that is all leather and stuff)
 ·         We love shirts, but we prolly have a thousand already , what will make a lot of sense to us is a good hand made tie( all silk).We secretly want one but we cant bring our selves to part with 5k for a tie, we will much rather spend it on a shirt.
 ·         A shoe is a sacred thing, and girls might never understand that, plus they are quite costly. What you can do on the other hand, is purchase a decent pair of designer socks for us. They don’t have to be colorful and awesome like my Pierre Cardin’s. They just show that you care about the details.
 ·         We don’t expect you to go out and buy us an Ipad or Ipod or anything like that. Most men have a favorite band or musician. If you go out and look for the original CD or album of such a band. This man shall not forget you in a hurry. If you buy me an original cold play CD (preferably “x and Y”), I will prolly take you to meet my mother.
 ·         Girls like chocolate, boys like alcohol (It’s the way the world was made).Buy him a decent bottle, preferably champagne or something, don’t by whiskey unless its blue label. Wrap it properly and deliver it yourself, you earn more points this way.

 ·         Cufflinks, yes this is a cliché gift. Well if you buy him a pair that will outshine any other pair in his closet, I don’t think he will mind.
 ·         If your man doesn’t have a PS3, buy him one, he may spend more time with it than you, but you will have earned chunk of his heart trust me. If he has a PS3, then buy him COD modern warfare2.If he has this too, then get him the new fifa or something.
 ·         The next time you’re at the palms, stop buy at the fossil shop, look for a decent leather belt, the tiny ones; they might be painted brown on one side, either way they make a good gift. A gift doesn’t have to jet set, sometimes all we need is something very useful.
 ·         Finally if you feel like you are a big girl and you wanna jet set and stuff, a play book will be an awesome thing to buy for a guy, he doesn’t need it, its just  a want and he can tell people you got it for him, that’s points for you.

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