March 23, 2011

LamBAtells:Cigarettes,Black suits and little Black dresses

TYLLR of styljunki

So  I’m sittin on my bed , ciggarete in hand  staring at    my 17 ‘ laptop screen  (now reduced to approx 8′ )  due to circumstances Idont wanna discuss
Some where in my mind I’m thinkin about how back in the day cigs and tats used to be cool and how this generaion has bastardised all that, and how I must now pierce my skull or somthn just to stand out
Anyways, I’m seeing constantine for the  6 millionth time, and  I cant get ovr how a demon slayer managed to look so awesome (no homo). In my own opinion if you dust the ash off  his jacket he could go head to head with any Bond except mayb clooney (ofcos this exclusion is due to my personal sentiments (no homo )).
Im ashing in 1 of those bags they give you at 2wice as nice when u give them 7k  for a shirt, which is all the bladdy bag is good for now any way. The upside is it can take at least 60  empty packs of saint moritz
I fast forward to the scene where John slits his wrists and summons the devil, its a beautiful Oris watch, i’ll save that watch before I save several human beings(bite me).

Black tie , white shirt, black suit, black shoes, black Oris leather wrist watch. Of cos thrz no pocket square lol.Its a timeless outfit regardless, i fast forward to the end, i finish another stick just b4 I retire for the night.
I dream of black Oris  leather wrist watches and ladies in cute little black dresses

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  1. I want to make a movie about high school students who wear black suits and play music at night.


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