February 1, 2011



For those of you who don't already know...both my ears (yes, the right and left one) have been pierced for about 2 weeks now. To some people, it's whatever. But to those that actually know me, it's a pretty magnanimous H-U-G-E deal.

Why? the oblivious ones may ask...

Because I am the last person you would think would do such. If that's what u thought.....FAIL. You definitely don't belong in the criteria of people that know moi.

The reason getting my ears pierced is "kinda like a big deal" (see: the clipse and kanye) of course,


my parents....AFRICAN parents.

If you already in the know, I shouldn't go passed this point but for the sake of those that have no idea, AFRICAN and PARENTS are two traits you don't want in a guardian. You want either or. I can't go into detail to back up my out for this in a future post....because that's not the main focus of this.

Anyways, considering that I was going to be with family for X-mas, I decide to call my parents and give them the 411 on the piercing before they hear through the grapevine (see: my aunt). Surprisingly, they did not react as I expected. However, their tone went from affectionate to authoritative.

They start giving me this lecture about image and how I shouldn't taint mine because of my aspirations to be an engineer. Engineers are supposed to have a reputation to uphold and that entails her/his image. During the lecture, I learn something interesting about my dad....he used to have a nine inch fro. Which one do u think would fit my day most ( A or B). I'm strongly leaning towards dad's indifference about certain things makes me wonder.

But I digress...

I agree with my parents but only to an extent. Yes, it is true that you have to dress for the occasion (see: career, life) but in this day and age, do u think something as little as an ear piercing downgrades a person's image? I really want to know your thoughts on this.

In my opinion, our generation is way different from those of our parents. We are more tolerant about stuff as minor as ear piercings. Correct me if am wrong but we are focusing more on productivity and not appearances. Not to mention the obvious poster boy of change that our generation is undergoing, but our president is BLACK. WE are also living in a time where female porn stars acts as women's right activists, politics and entertainment go hand-in-hand, pop stars are leading more successful nationwide movements than their counterpart political figures to fight poverty, aids.

SO once again I ask, Do u think ear piercings downgrade a person's image and make her/him look unfit for the corporate world?


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