September 27, 2010


It’s been three weeks that me and the fam got robbed and I haven’t really told the story….it’s going to be split into two parts as it a long story indeed.


Woke up feeling great, was at L.A’s house and I was supposed to meet up with Ms Zara later on. Pade had left the building to FAAN quarters to see some babe, so me and L.A was home alone.

Started to perambulate on where to go as it was a Friday, but we had no money…so I immediately scammed my sister to send me some money before 4 ‘O clock….she came thru…so we had money but no car and nowhere to go

Finally decided to take L.A’s mother’s car and go to Lagos Country Club and be happy…then again I called me friend Lloyd and he said we should just roll with him instead that he would pick us up…cooler idea we tot….

So Lloyd calls at 11:45pm that he was almost at the bus stop, so we got all garbed up and was ready to hit the Lagos party…before then pade had come home and was undecided about going out….but he was finally convinced to follow us….so 11:58pm we were at the bus stop waiting


We were waiting at the bus stop and we were practically the only ones there apart from the Suya man on our left….so Lloyd arrives and there one babe at the back of the car….and we are three waiting to enter the car….but there was no space for one last person….so while deliberating on whether someone goes back home or going to carry the other car….we were five boys waiting outside behind the car talking

Suddenly this Toyota carrera with back windshield broken slows down beside us and one dude from the car says, ’Any problem’. Lloyd says, ‘No problem’….maybe that was our mistake….

The car stops and that same dude comes down as if to stop a car behind theirs but we later realized he was shadowing because a police station was not far off….then he starts to walk towards us and two other guys alight from the car and one starts to come near me saying. ‘Oya make una come like dis’.

I swear I almost laughed out loud because I thot they were obtainers and I was ready to fight/stand up for me self…I saw that Lloyd too was already ‘on guard’ as we call it….the guy nearest to me just as I was about to push him back brought out a gun and cocks it.…Ye! Gun, now its wasn’t that I had never seen a gun or had a gun pointed at me….but I was used to been pointed at with AKs and Double barrels and semi-autos ….yes now, the NPF have pointed weapons at me…

But this guy had a pistol, a locally mad pistol…you should have seen the size sef….next I heard the guy say one thing but I heard three things, ‘Kneel down/lie down/sit down’ am not still sure which one he said but I did d first one that registered in my head…kneel down……………………….

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