August 1, 2012

RETROwednesday: Blackky - Rosie

 Grew up listening to the dude, he was the king pon de dancefloor in the early '90s...hell! i saw my first bikini in this video..,seeing this scantily dressed female always rose my blood at that time even considering that bikinis that year wear more swimsuit like. This Blackky - Rosie, a love song...still plays in my head..."...isa pana pam pam pam...rosie....rosie ahan ahn..." NOTE: that's what plays in my head tho. The actually lyrics is 'can i have a dancee...Rosie?"

 What I could find on him
A graduate of Sociology from the University of Lagos, Blackky’s real names are Nya Edward Inyang. He began his musical career as a DJ in 1986. As a student, he was a regular feature in concerts usually at the very popular Lekki beach during festive periods of Easter and Christmas.

Blackky got his break in 1990 when he contested and won the Lekki Sunsplash Talent Hunt Contest, which gave him a record deal with the then Polygram Records. In 1991 he released his debut album; “About Tyme” which had hit songs like Rosie, Blackky’s Skank and Sugar Stick. Between 1991 and 2009, he has released over 6 albums and won several awards.

Where is Blackky tho?

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