August 28, 2012

Oliver Twist featured in MALIBU black drink 'Mr Moon' advert

D'banj is definitely taking a bite of the apple and isn't in London to count bridges or building...His hit record 'Oliver twist' just got featured in the new Malibu exotic drink campaign tagged 'Maliboomboom'. Big things are gwan....In other news, its been 15 weeks and D'banj is still on the UK charts see it here

Malibu launched a new product in 2012 called Malibu Black. This was a 70 proof dark rum, taken in shots, designed to appeal to blokes. In their biggest market, America, they decided to give this product equal weighting to the base product, which obviously has a more female-orientated audience. Two characters to represent each product. Lady Sunshine for the lighter, sweeter, sunset time drink and Mr. Moon for the darker, stronger, night time audience. Both of the characters were part of the Radio Maliboomboom's wider entourage, keeping the Radio Station at the heart of the campaign idea.

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