August 4, 2012


Brymo (born Ashimi Olawale) is a Nigerian singer, composer, songwriter and recording artist signed to the Chocolate City music label.

 Early life
Ashimi Olawale was born in 1986, the son of a carpenter father and a petty trading mother. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Okokomaiko).Though times were tough, his parents saw that he received a primary education at Aganju Aka Primary School between the years 1990 to 1997. Between 1997 and 2003, he attended Ajangbadi High School, the local public middle school.
In 1999, while still attending high school, Brymo wrote his first song, aged just 14. Pleased with his results, the young Olawale was inspired to pursue a career in music. In 2002, while still attending secondary school, Brymo formed a band called Aliens with three friends. Brymo played a major role in the group, mainly acting as the composer and songwriter. In a period of 2 years, Brymo wrote over 85 songs for the band, including their debut single. By 2005 the band broke up. It had not been particularly successful, and several of the members needed to return to school. 

Shortly after the disbanding of his group Aliens, Brymo moved into a solo career, recording his first single in 2005. Not signed to any record label, he sought out the assistance of a local talent spotter, who helped him record his debut album entitled Brymstone with Bujoc Records. In 2008 Brymo released a hit single entitled Shawdy along with a music video which peaked at number 2 on the MTV Base Africa top 10 countdown. The song peaked at number 1 on the Nigezee top 10. It was nominated for the Soundcity Music Video Awards.


Chocolate City During 2010 Brymo met Nigerian superstar rapper M.I. M.I was impressed with him and introduced him to fellow musicians Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince all from the Chocolate City recording label. Brymo’s talent and unique voice was recognized by Chocolate City, and before long he was signed to the label. While he is yet to release an album with Chocolate City, he has featured on several tracks by other musicians, most notably Oleku by Ice Prince. This hit single gained enormous airplay and topped most charts in Nigeria and Sudan.  

On 18 September 2011 Brymo dropped his 1st single under Chocolate City.Within 12 months of being in the limelight, and without a mainstream single to his name, BrymO is already being touted by many as Nigeria’s hook master but this changed as soon as the single ARA dropped. ARA is BrymO’s 1st official single as a Choc Boy after he rose to instant fame with his feature on the biggest single of 2010, “Oleku” by Ice Prince. He has also been on a few other features including “Action Film” by M.I, “Attention” by 2-Shotz and Ma wo be' by Sasha. ARA was the number 6 trending topic globally on twitter.  

Good Morning
Brymo released the second single of his sophormore album titled "TheSonOfaKapenta" on 16 April. The song rides on a slower tempo than that of ARA. The song is for the ladies and Brymo goes to show off his skills on this one. The response to the song was wonderful on the day of its release. It is soon to reach MTV Base Africa top 10.

Brymo is poised to rule the scene in coming months


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