March 18, 2012

DON JAZZY & DBANJ END THE MOHITS ERA!!! + the real reason

Happier times

The past weeks have been filled with rumors and talks of separation of the Mohits camp and media have had a field day with different versions of the story, to worsen matters an Ebony Magazine publication surfaced where D'banj was said to have claimed outright ownership of mohits records and that Don jazzy was his signed artiste. Bankulli, mohits PR guy went on to say that the article was false and there were mistakes in the publication but never mentioned anything as regards the split issue.
In what seemed like an inseparable relationship, Don jazzy took to twitter this after to announce:

Meanwhile, an inside source who was backsatge at their concert at the Irving plaza, New York tells that the situation has definitely been on for a bit seeing that they both came at different times and had separate sound check sessions and didn't talk or see eye to eye throughout the period and the lost chemistry showed even more while they were on stage to perfom. My source also says D'banj was with Ikechukwu the whole time and IDJA never showed up for the after party organized for them. Another confirmed source says that their first fight they had was settled by the Oba of Lagos, fans were more infuriated when the Oliver Twist video dropped and there was no Don Jazzy there. Also there is gist that the G.O.O.D music deal favors D'banj more.

Presently the extent of the supposed breakup or who follows who is currently unknown. Be sure that theLamBA would bring the story as it unfolds to you.
The question still remains 'What might have caused these two to go separate ways after 8/9 years of successful/unrivaled synergy?'

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