January 3, 2012

LamBAtells:Blue Double breasted blazers are the sh*t


I’m no different from the kid that put his tooth under his pillow, or the ostrich that hid her head in the sand, or the dude that fell in love with the stripper. You are in no position to throw stones at me, ‘cos the cherry tart wants what the cherry tart wants. Not even the mass of grey matter in my skull is capable of making it reconsider its resolve. Anyways the only thing as unwavering as my heart, is my desire for clothes. I make sketches in my head, along with the corresponding budget equivalents. Sometimes it takes a while, maybe even 2 whiles, but I get what I sketch most of the time.
I sketch a lot of things; my recent obsession is a double breasted jacket. Several self proclaimed designers make jackets like this. However I would never put my heart in the hands of a minor, I always find something wrong with their work and I don’t have to look closely. I want this blazer cos it’s anything but conservative and because it reminds me of Peter Perfect.
For the first time the color “grey” is second on my list, I will put a dark blue blazer ahead of a grey one.  I have no interest in black double breasted blazers. I want mufflers and cravats and all those neck things. It’s the least I can do to look Italian lol . On the flip side, a good shirt and a good tie along with an appropriate pocket square will drive home my point.

I have often imagined this my outfit to include a very awesome pair of chinos , specifically  the ones from Charles Tyrwhitt (Those pants are awesome) , I plan to put my feet in double strapped light brown monks( I reconsidered the double straps and I realized they are the shiznit) . The concept is to project my giant ego through these clothes, that’s why every detail counts, that’s why my belt is thin and brown and my socks are Duchamp and flowery patterned.
My double breasted jacket is the fulcrum of my outfit, could be cotton, wool or tweed if I get very egotistical like that. She’s big and bold, the kinda chick that exudes a chief constituent of power when she walks into the room.  She casts the male version of  the  awe that swept the room when the lady dressed in barely 6 inches walked through the room in 6 inches, yeah bright red 6 inches.
I’m done sketching and budgeting, now all I have to do is send my CV to Mobil and when they hire me, I’ll go shopping. Well, these clothes are costly, but no good girl is easy. The upside is I am young and I don’t have kids, so a few adjustments and I should be disturbing the peace in no time.
And it’s a wrap, no weed. Compliments, by the way.

ermm, btw the post was written before the subsidy issue, don’t vex too much ok.

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