November 11, 2011


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I like suspenders , ‘cos they remind me of Tripp Darling from Dirty sexy money. They might remind some of you of Chuck Bass, Well I don’t watch the show, so pardon my alternate illustration.
Anyway, like Tripp, suspenders exude some kinda boldness and authority. This authority is almost tangible such that if I was being interviewed for a job by a person wearing suspenders, I might loose my balance for a minute.
As shown above, I think the best way to wear them is in a manner that makes them compliment your shirt or your tie . Also , it wouldn’t hurt to do something not so cliche, like red suspenders on a checked shirt.
Well, that’s the first side to this issue. Ever since I watched spread, I have been fascinated with skinny suspenders and boots. I have solemnly vowed to myself to pull them off in the nearest future. The ☹ thing is, iono where to buy regular suspenders, how much more skinny ones.
Apart from the fact that they are almost Retro, suspenders are almost rebellious . Plus they kinda remind me of punk and rock and all that. I think its best to wear them without a belt, a pair of boots, vintage T and all that. (Please see “Spread” for details).
As for the bold authoritative look; the picture up there should suffice.
The skinny ones look like this;

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