November 17, 2011

LamBAtells:My Left Shoulder

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I’ve been gone for a while, I went away to lay down dots that I will be able to connect in retrospect in the future. I apologize if I came off as irresponsible and negligent as far as this blog is concerned. Anyway I am back; frankly I love doing this so I always find myself here at the end of the day.
I have said here before that a man is judged by shoes, I also said he is judged by his shirt and all that. Today I am adding another criterion to the list. Quite recently I stumbled on an article, scratch that, I stumbled on a post. Emphasis was placed on the appearance of a person’s left shoulder.  At first, I thought, why the prejudice? Personally I prefer right things to left things.  Naturally I prefer writing to reading, so I hadn’t bothered to read the body of the post. Fortunately, the words came along with a picture to buttress what the blogger was talking about.
The picture depicted the left shoulder of a man; he had on a jacket, a shirt, a decent tie and a pocket square (These days I feel an outfit is incomplete without a pocket square or something like that). I must have fussed about ties and shirts and squares and jackets here already, I’m sure I have. However, today I am highlighting a little detail most people take for granted. Anybody can put on all those things; it takes a man of premium taste, to excellently combine all the colors and textures of all these items.
For instance, not everyone can pull off a tweed coat, with a white collared shirt and a dark colored tie along with the suitable pocket square. The textures of these things are very contrasting, just like the colors. It takes skill to balance them appropriately so a person appears sophisticated and creative and at the same time not looking like lady gaga or Derenle.
Some people go further to incorporate scarves and cravats and all those neck things into their outfits too. These things are not easy to pull off, my advice is; if you are unsure or you lack the skill and confidence to pull this off, kindly stick to a basic outfit. In some cases, especially where the weather is cold,people have to wear additional coats on top of their suits and stuff, this too requires skill to combine.
Anyway, for the purpose of those of you who are not into reading like me, I have included a photograph, to buttress my point, cheers. Ermmm, stay hungry, stay foolish (I always wanted to say that x_x)

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