July 14, 2011


FROM THE FAM @styljunki

 We ‘re here, and for some reason the show hasn’t started yet, in the mean time Robin and I are chilling wiv Samklef and Rico, we re checking out chicks in micro minis and stuff. Rico wants Suya and Samklef has other places to be.
  There are a lot of jetsetters here, some of them get it right, other people just expose their ignorance. Either ways I’m having fun looking at all the outfits. Needless to mention, Robin and I look awesome.

   I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures and stuff. I’m not into that kinda stuff, besides it would be really difficult to focus on all these females and shoes and Artists and still get shots at the same time. Some female from my dreams keeps walking around with her bodygaurd.I cant seem to figure out why he is carrying a gun, oh well what do I care, I’ll just keep my face like I gave my own body guard a day off. Rico keeps going on about the suya, we promise to try it the next time we are at mega plaza.Other girls from my dreams show up.
   The show finally kicks off and our dates have arrived, mine is a size 6 . There are a lot of empty seats, but I like Wizkid so I don’t mind. The models are pretty and I like what they are doing.
   The show isn’t an awesome show, but its fair enough.I guess if you ignore the fact that these artists are miming their own songs and stuff, then it won’t be so bad. Yes there is no Amber, but this Tools chick is curvy enough.
  The models keep giving me stuff to look at, naeto C hits the stage, he does a good job, he didn’t mime, at first ,at least lol.
 Banky isn’t a funny person, but he did a relatively good job.
  Duncan mighty’s performance is the higlight of the night. The show ends well, I’m almost impressed, I saw good clothes, at least most of the clothes where good, and I saw Wizkid.
  We head out for dinner abi breakfast, me , Robin, his date and my size 6. After all that, the next thing on our to do list is alcohol and music and stuff. Marquee is a good place,the DJ is fair enough and Bacardi is a decent bottle of 40 percent. We do what we are good at, we still make out time to discuss business and the night ends well, as always.
I apologise for the delay in the post blame it on the rain

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