July 20, 2011

I rolled the sleeves on my blazer, yeah so what ?


 Every now and then a new fad emerges; sometimes they are pretty stupid, other times they are pretty cool. People pop their collars; other people button it to the top. Boys used to tuck their trousers into their snickers, basically there is always a way for people to tweak their clothes in order to convince themselves that they are cool.
This particular movement doesn’t appeal to me just because Kanye approves of it (yes I like kanye that much), it is a little bit rebellious.
 Jackets are supposed to convey formality and seriousness, but ask yourself, “Where is it written?” I wanna look like I don’t care a lot (Frankly I don’t) and I don’t wanna appear like a goon at the same time. This results in this fad or new trend, also it affords you the opportunity to flood your wrists with all manner of bands that express all your feelings and stuff .

  The other advantage is, you can pull it off with a T-shirt and not look silly, with the rosary and all that. The blazer canbe any color, as long as your ego is big enough (I don’t think my friends will have a problem here).There are also blazers built to be worn that way (They are slightly tighter at the sleeves), casual blazers and stuff. They can be worn with jeans, chinos and stuff, basically follow your heart.
 The shoes are tricky though, some people wear them with toms, high tops and other scary things, personally I will rather wear velvet slippers, boat shoes, or a decent pair of driving shoes. I also noticed that people fold their pants too, one advice, “There are no short cuts” If you must jet set like that , please make sure you have very good pants on, and extra ordinary good shoes.

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