July 29, 2014


Spencer is proud to present his official single titled “Nisho” which means Move along. Born in Benin City, Nigeria; he moved to America in his teen years and is currently a pharmacy major student in college. Formerly a member of the music group called Full Blooded Nigerians (FBN), he has moved on and is pursuing his solo career.

May 20, 2014


Compilation of small stuff in my head. They don't have titles.

My friend hooked up with this chic, not like a one nighter...she was his girlfriend at that time. So day comes, she's at his house...romance...the room...she gives him head...he touches her...more sex. He leaves the room for a bit to go get drinks...gets back and she's practically weeping saying '...we have sinned against God..' He tries to calm her...she won't calm...until they both kneel and ask for forgiveness. They are not together anymore.

2012 started on a groovy note, I got to be in the same room with all the top DJs in Nigeria..think the name, yes he was there...a week after I got a call from Dj Humility that my friend (BJ) had told him about me...this,that...we scheduled a date to meet...we met up with his manager on the island. From the looks of things, I was supposed to A&R/run slight PR for his album...we trashed issues...I wasn't so articulate, but I didn't flop totally...from there we headed to Lekki(prest boat club)...he was supposed to DJ on a yatch so they were checking it out...then headed to Dj Jimmy Jatt's house after which I went back to my own house...the album isn't out yet.

March 16, 2014

LamBAtells: GOING MAD - Picking tins on the journey to Port Harcourt


The post title is the literal translation of the Yoruba saying; “Wan sha’golo de Porthar” which is usually directed towards your enemies or detractors. In clearer English: They will pick tins from Lagos to Port Harcourt. This is done while on foot.

Real meaning: Anybody wishing you bad will go mad and start picking tins up and continue doing so till they go far away from you.

In recent times, Yoruba rapper Olamide infused this slang in the chorus of his tune ‘Eleda mi’ and that has kept it resounding in my head in a much more funny fashion. Go listen to that tune.

February 6, 2014

LamBAtells: FINE BOY AGBERO (The End)

Fineboy Agbero was courtesy
I do have a wild imagination but I am not an awesome writer like that.

January 8, 2014

LamBAtells: Fineboy Agbero Ep 8 [The Monkey returns!!]

The Monkey Returns!

For two full weeks, I was inside my room. I no fit comot. To even go toilet sef, na wahala. For the first couple of days, I just dey shake for bed. My throat just dry like say na desert dey inside. The kain fear wey dey grip me sef, I no fit describe. So na so I for just die like dat? I for just fly like monkey, enter hell fire straight? Rashidi knocked the door taya, I no gree open. First, him dey try make the tin funny; I no gree. Second, he beg me; I still no gree. Next day, he come back say Agbowo dey find me for park o; I still no answer am. Last-last, he go call Sikira.

Sikira knock my door like say na elephant wan enter. Immediately I heard the knock, I knew it was her. I just jumped from the bed and crouched in one corner. See me o; correct omo-ita, with all the madness in my head: na two women come dey make me fear like dis! Sikira bang the door taya, I no gree open. E remain small make d door comot sef, still I just kpeme for the room.

December 31, 2013

LamBAtells: Fineboy Agbero Ep7[Flying Monkey]

I don hear tales of the Flyin Monkey but I no dey believe am. E be like one of those Urban Myths were papa and mama dey use scare us in those days. Like the myth of drinking garri and eating mango and dying instantly! Like the myth of plucking an eyelash and a strand of hair from your head, placing dem in a paper and letting your parents step on it to forget whatever punishment they were going to visit on you. Like the myth of beating a boy with omorogun or broom and his kini will disappear. Like the myth of fingers growing in your belly if you “collected” sweet or biscuit from a witch girl in your class…

Like the myth of the Flyin’ Monkey.

I didn’t believe it. Not until it happened to me. Again, I swear by my mother’s life, I swear on the graves of my forefathers, I swear by my father’s kini: this is how it happened. And it happened to me.

Remember Iya Sidikat the paraga woman? Her father died and she had to go to Ekiti for the burial. The woman comot for like 5 days and we all wan die! No paraga, nothing! How we suppose survive? We already don wan go contract another paraga seller when the woman “shop” open suddenly. But it wasn’t the woman that was there o.

December 23, 2013

LamBAtells: Fineboy Agbero Ep6 [A Sombre Sunday Tale]

A Sombre Sunday Tale

(In honour, or dishonour, of Sunday, who brought dishonour to the agbero profession and died three days later in a police cell)

This is the lifecycle of a normal agbero.
He is a boy born into a poor family which usually lives in a face-to-face room. As a youth, he is burdened with the task of fending for himself because his dad has his younger ones to take care of. Of course, he attends secondary school, where he loves to sit at the back because he is tired of the wicked teachers and their intrusive ways. Then the teachers compound his problem by chasing him out of class for not possessing a needed textbook or for disturbing the class. He goes on to hang around with other boys like him, under the mango tree or in the abandoned classroom, or on the other side of the school fence, not so far from where a group of rough street urchins are smoking weed or selling it. They offer him a wrap for free and he takes the bait. Everyday, he smokes and talks large with them. But he still attends school because his mother is on his neck, pleading with him to finish his education and become somebody in life. Finally, he sits for the final exams and fails woefully because he hadn’t been going to class. Or he didn’t even write the exam because he had no money. Or he didn’t even write the exams because it was “chicken” to be seen in a school uniform with the “small-small” boys. While waiting for the GCE exams, he tries to supplement the family income by joining his weed-smoking friends at the park.

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